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Yuzu Metrix Roadmap

Yuzu Metrix is an industry-standard influencer marketing reporting and analytics tool focusing on real numbers and transparency.


What are we working on?

We are currently working on many new features. Note, if you Signup, you will get access to all new Features immediately when they are released.

(delivered) Connect your Social Media accounts to Yuzu Metrix

Connect Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, Youtube, your Blog and Google Analytics to get up-to-date metrics.

(delivered) Improved Content Creator Reports (v2)

A new, convenient way to create Reports by selecting existing posts directly from your social media accounts.

(delivered) Improved Campain Reporting

Detailed Campaign Reports, export & share feature, Company branding.

(delivered) Organizations

Group your Teams into organizations and manage them even easier than before. Influencers can be added to Orgs. so all teams have access.

(delivered) Agency Seats

Payment based on seats, seat vouchers, new pricing for Agencies

(en route) Creator Search

Find the perfect Content Creators for your Campaign based on various criteria.

(en route) Improved Content Creator Reports (v3)

Detailed account metrics, Media Wall (TM), Custom (Screenshot or Embed) Social Media Posts when there is no API.

(en route) Public Profiles, Reports

Be found by Agencies looking for influencers for their next campaign. Showcase your previous Reports. Create a Media Kit & Rate Card to stand out from the crowd.

(en route) Improved (even better) Campain Reporting

Detailed Campaign Reports including demographics, audience stats & insights.

What's Next?

There are lot's more features to come. We are now out of Beta, (since late April) and working with Brands and Agencies to grow Yuzu Metrix so it becomes the tool you can use and love.

This Roadmap will up updated as soon as new features are confirmed. In the meantime, we also share updates on our Blog and social media.

Remember, once you sign up to Yuzu Metrix, you get access to all new features for no extra cost.