So, what are we planning on releasing and when?

There are two main features we are currently working on. Note, if you Sign up, you will get access to all new Features immediately when they are released.

Improved Editorial Experience

We are working on a new, improved Editorial Experience which will replace the current Report Creation Tool.

This will include a modern, sleek look, simplified Block Creation and Edit: you will be able to edit the block content on the Report page without having to go to a separate 'edit' page. Easier Image upload and Media Management and additional visual modifications - like Branding colours, logo etc. for Pro users.

Better Social Media Support

We are working on a new feature which will speed up the way you can create Reports. Instead of manually entering each of your Social Media posts and their data, you will be able to load most of the information automatically by connecting your Social Media Account to Yuzu Metrix.

You will be able to search your posts via hashtag or date so pulling in all your posts related to a Campaign will be a breeze.

On top of this, Yuzu Metrix will try and load your Blog Post information (like Publish date, Title & Image, etc.) automatically from your website.

You will, of course, be able to change all the values manually if you like.

What's Next?

We do not have exact release dates for the above features yet. We are currently working with a small group of beta testers to fix any issues and identify usability problems.

We will post more information on this page and in our Yuzu Metrix Blog which will lunch soon.

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