FAQ for Agencies & Brands

FAQ for Agencies & Brands

We have collected the most frequently asked questions here. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Yuzu Metrix FAQ

What is Yuzu Metrix?

Yuzu Metrix is a tool for Content Creators (influencers, bloggers, Instagramers, YouTubers)

Content Creators can use it to create Return on Investment Reports, aggregate their Social Media Reach in a simple, easy to understand format. Save time and energy creating the Reports and quickly share them with your client.

Do you offer a Trial?

Yuzu Metrix is free to use for everyone. No trial periods. Upgrade to a paid plan whenever you like.

What is "Early adopter"?

Yuzu Metrix is already a fully working marketing tool. However, we don't want to stop just yet. We are working on tons of new and exciting features. As an Early adopter, you support our work and help us stay focused. In exchange, we guarantee that you get access to all upcoming features for free. It's a great deal!

Is "unlimited" really unlimited?

Yes! Our Early adopters get access to unlimited campaigns and can invite unlimited influencers. Once our Early adopter program is over, we will introduce some reasonable limits.

How can I request a Demo?

If you would like to see Yuzu Metrix in action, we are happy to arrange a no-obligation call with screen-share and walk you through the features to introduce you to the platform.

Get in touch and request a Demo of Yuzu Metrix.

Do you offer Onboarding?

We provide Onboarding for all of our customers regardless of business size or how many seats they have purchased. As we want to make sure your experience is great, we are here to help you whenever you need us.

Get in touch to schedule your Onboarding session.

I am missing a feature

We would love to hear about it. Please get in touch via our contact form and explain what you would like us to add to Yuzu Metrix. We will be in touch soon to discuss your request.

I need help!

We are here to help you. Please contact us via our contact form and we will get back to you asap. You can also talk to us on Twitter or Facebook.