We believe that content creator marketing can accelerate brand targets due to the unique manner content creators interact with their communities. They act as a trustworthy connection between brands and potential customers.

At Yuzu Metrix, we see our technology as an aid to help develop powerful reports which tell a story at a glance, in the universal language of numbers every single marketer understands.

Our team spends every bit of energy solving content creator marketing problems. We aim to help businesses understand their return on investment when using content creators to foster marketing relations.

In a mad world of content creator collaboration, short and long term goals, ever-changing industries and fast-paced strategies, we wanted to help you create a little bit of marketing magic.

We realised how much time and effort goes into creating a brilliant ROI report, full of data and valuable information. Our ROI reports brought us many repeat custom from several brands we worked with. Thus we understand it is paramount to create in-depth case studies for your clients at the end of every single marketing project.

As content creators as well as marketers, we know time is the most precious commodity. So we wanted to offer you the gift of time by creating Yuzu Metrix, an easy to use, intuitive reporting tool meant to save you tons of time.